The Wayuu Mochilas from Colombia are HOT en HAPPENING. Last year this beautiful and colorful bag was HOT among festival visitors. However, the real breakthrough has not yet been reached! This spring and summer the Mochila Bags will remain THE trend. Like everybody knows and wants; summer calls for beautiful and breight colors!

Behind label

Maybe this story about the Wayuu Mochila Bags makes you curious about the creative spirits behind the Colombian bags. Most people know these bags come from Colombia, but do not know by whom and for what reason these colorful bags are made. The name ‘Wayuu Mochila’ says it all, because they are generated by the Wayuu tribes of Colombia.

The women of the Wayuu tribe are the creative makers of the Mochila Bags. The art of weaving has been around for a long time and is passed on from generation to generation. At an early age the young girls learn their first tricks of this complicated craft of weaving. For the women of the Wayuu tribe it is a privilege tob e able to make the Mochila Bags. In the Wayuu culture it is a sign of intelligence, creativity and wisdom.

It is a complicated process. The making of one bag may require three weeks of intensive and concentrated work of one Wayuu woman. The Mochila bags are made from thick or thin wire. It doesn’t matter much for the quality of your bag. When you buy a Mochila Bag you are it is almost certain that you will enjoy your colorful bag for the rest of your life. The bags are strong, beautifully textured, handmade and of a wonderful quality.

The Wayuu women receive a certain amount of money for each bag they sold to help and support the mand their culture. It is fair trade, so these women together with their community will benefit from this beautiful art of weaving. This is why their art and their culture will remain!!

My Unique Style

My Unique Style is a webshop from Holland. They sell the most beautiful Mochila Bags from Colombia. They build a wonderful realtionship with the Wayuu tribe from Colombia. Fashion and travels comes together in their colorful webshop. Please take a look if you like to see their beauftiul accessoires from Colombia and other wonderful countries from around the globe.

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