Coffee & Caribbean Tour – 11 days

This roundtrip will offer you a great combination of nature, culture, beautful cities and friendly people. A unique journey in Colombia!

Welcome to Colombia: breathtakingly beautiful country

Are you fond of coffee? Then this is your unique journey into the heart of Colombia, where the coffee region is located. A beautiful place where you will find a lot of green coffee plantations. You can smell the delicious coffee scents. But the best thing ever; you can drink the most lovely cups of coffee too! This area gives you the opportunity to do some beautiful trips. By foot, by horse… Everything is possible in this amazing piece of nature.

Medellin and Cartagena are well-known for their Caribbean nightlife and friendly people. Two cities where you will not get bored, because the walks through both cities alone will provide you many AAAH’s and OOOH’s. Really two great places to stay in. Tayrona will be the icing on the cake of this beautiful journey. An idyllic place of pure relaxation. Beautiful beaches for long walks, azure blue sees and that all is combined with the most lovely jungle-feel!


Day 1: Bogota – Armenia

Day 2: Recuca

Day 3: Armenia – Medellin

Day 4: Medellin City Tour

Day 5: Santa Fe Antioquia

Day 6: Medellin – Cartagena

Day 7: Cartagena city tour

Day 8: Cartagena – Tayrona Park

Day 9: Tayrona Park – Pueblito

Day 10: Tayrona

Day 11: Tayrona – Santa Marta



Day 1 – Bogota – Armenia

  • You arrive in Bogota, from where you will be transferred to Armenia. Once you arrive, you’ll be taken to your chosen finca.
  • Today a beautiful tour is planned to Salento and the Cocora Valley. Exploring this area is wonderful, because you’ll see colorful colonial and historical past everywhere. You will also encounter unique landscapes, the clear Quindio River and the beautiful tall palm trees. The beautiful nature will surprise you more than once this day.

Day 2 – Recuca

  • Today, an informative and active day is on the program to Recuca. You go on a cultural coffee tour, in which you get a unique insight into the real lives of coffee farmers. The history of coffee and the local ‘Paisa’ culture will be the subject of this informative day.
  • Do not forget to fabricate your own coffee today. Your experience will be best wearing the traditional clothes while making your own delicious coffee.
  • The rest of the day you can relax in the finca. Enjoy the beautiful green surroundings, shoot beautiful pictures and do the things you want to do!

Day 3 – Armenia- Medellin

  • After breakfast you will depart to Medellin. We go by car on the colorful ‘Autopista del Café “(Coffee Highway). Just look around and you will not get bored. The surroundings are so beautiful!
  • Once in the hotel, you can take your time to relax. Enjoy the fact that it is your time, your moment. There is still much on the agenda, so enjoy this moment of relaxation.

Day 4 – Medellin City tour

  • In Medellin there is plenty to see and do. This tour will mainly show us the Original Medellin with all its iconic symbols such as “Pueblito Paisa”. A beautiful and authentic experience.
  • You’ll also take a ride in the famous’ Metro Cable. Medellin’s famous innovative transportation. A funicular that connects poor suburbs with the city center in the valley below.
  • Biblioteca España is also a ‘must-see’ in Medllin. The Bibliotheca España (a free library) is particularly aimed at small children. You will see a lot of kids playing games behind the computers in the computer room. There is also a theater in the complex in which films, plays and lectures are organized.

Day 5 – Medellin – Santa Fe de Antioquia

  • After a good breakfast we will be departing from the bustle of Medellin to the tranquility of Santa Fe de Antioquia. The beautiful cobbled streets and houses show us old colonial times. Behold this historical scenes and enjoy your free time in this lovely village.
  • Optional: a visit to the beautiful green garden of Antioquia.

Day 6 – Medellin – Cartagena

  • Transfer by bus to Cartagena.
  • Today there is nothing on the program. So you have the time to yourself to explore Cartagena. Cartagena is a beautiful city with lots of history, color and vibrancy. It is a wonderful city to explore. You will find small and colorful streets, lively squares and many restaurants. Enjoy the lovely breeze on this free evening.

Day 7 – Cartagena city tour

  • Today a beautiful city tour is on the program. Start your city tour in this old pirate town with a visit to Cerro de la Popa ‘, built on top of a hill with the best view of Cartagena.
  • Then we go to the oldest church in the city of San Pedro Claver.
  • In the old town we also visit ‘Plaza Bolivar. Bolivar statue stands in the middle of a park, where people sit to enjoy the fountain. A perfect place to get some shade, drink a beer or buy nice souvenirs.
  • At the beach of Boca Grande, you can just enjoy the sun. Feel the sand between your toes, go for a paddle or swim in the sea and enjoy the delicious South American music that sounds everywhere. Remember to take a panoramic photo at Boca Grande.
  • We end in Pierino Gallo to do some shopping.
  • In the afternoon you have the time to yourself. Enjoy the city, the beach, the nice restaurants and bars, sniff some culture, visit museums, drink a cocktail (or two), behold the best sunset at Cafe del Mar. But above all, enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere of color and music.

Day 8 – Cartagena – Tayrona Park

  • A true highlight of this tour is Tayrona Park. Today you will visit this beautiful park. Jungle vs. Carribean.
  • Lush trees, beautiful beaches, stunning views and the relaxed atmosphere makes Tayrona Park truly a wonderful place to enjoy peace and environment. Spot colorful butterflies, birds, beautiful flowers and hopefully some cute monkeys in the trees.
  • The night will be spent in traditional hammocks with an unforgettable view of the Carribean. Sleeping in the open air with the sounds of the jungle and the sea. Lovely free feeling!!

Day 9 – Tayrona park – Pueblito

  • Today is a full day of hiking, mountains, jungle, archaeological sites and beautiful beaches.
  • A stroll to the Indian village Pueblito is a highlight for today. If you love history in its purest form, then Pueblito is really a must-see for you.
  • Cabo san Juan is a wonderful place to grab a bite, a drink and a refreshing dip in the water. Huge stones, crystal blue water, green surroundings and complete tranquility is what defines this place.

Day 10 – Tayrona Park

  • A free day in Parque Tayrona. Enjoy the sun, the sea and a good book. Or stroll into the jungle for spotting beautiful butterflies, birds and monkeys. Today everything is possible!
  • A wonderful addition is meeting the Arhuaco Indians. You can observe them in their own primitive life, busy with their own work. Their traditional clothing and bags are very popular as a fashion item in Colombia (and increasingly beyond, for example the Netherlands).

Day 11 – Tayrona Park – Santa Marta

  • Your beautiful Colombian journey is ending! Today you will fly back home. Are you planning to extend your trip to for example the beautiful Amazon. Discuss this with us and we’ll help you to continue your trip in a beautiful way.