Indigenous Experience – 3 days

A very special experience in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Learn more about the customs and rituals of the Indigenous tribes. A wonderful back to basic experience!

Description Indigenous Experience

This special 3-day experience will learn you a lot more about customs and ancestra rituals of indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Discover the knowledge of environmental conservation and the natural wealth of this magical place. this indigenous tribe believes that the mountains are the centre of the planet.

It is quite special to meet these beautiful tribe in their own beautiful mountains. Their authentic way of life and their special white garb will catch your attention.

This hike requires some physical effort! So be pepared with good walking shoes and some perseverance. You are going completely back to basic these three days in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Are you willing to sleep in hammocks and getting into the indigenous culture? Then these three days are made for you! Eat food from the jungle, explore the beautiful waterfalls and the unknown paths, hike in the jungle, meet beautiful people and fully relax in this primitive way of life!

Day 1: Visit the Indigenous tribe of Manzanal & Seiviaka

  • Departure is at 7.30 from Palomino. You will pass the village of Seiviaka and the Mamaisi river. This is one of the most beautiful rivers in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
  • Take a refreshing dip in the mountain river.
  • In the village Manzanal you will meet the friendly Kogui family. You will learn more about their primitive way of life. The children of the tribe are very curious about you and will try to connect with you. It is a true experience.
  • Accommodation: hammocks

Day 2: Meet the Arhuaco family

  • After an early breakfast you will start hiking again. You are going to visit the beautiful river in Palomino where more Kogui people live.
  • You will cross different waterfalls.
  • The hike will be tough, but fully worth when you arrive in the traditional Arhuaco village. It is wonderful to meet the people, to learn about their lives and play with the children which you will meet everywhere.
  • It is beautiful to see how the people and their animals live together. At first this feels stange, but after a while it is normal for you too.
  • At the Arhuaco village you will have lunch.
  • Don’t forget to take pictures of all the different landscapes you come across.
  • Accommodation: hammocks

Day 3: Mythology and the Mamaisi River

  • Talk about mythology, customs and ancestral stories. The indigenous people like to talk about their believes, their way of live and ideas.
  • In your 4 hours walk back to Palomino you will need some refreshment sometimes. On your way you will come across the beautiful Mamaisi river again, so feel free to take a refreshing dip in the mountain water. After that you will be renewed for your walk back to civilization.


  • Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Snacks, fruit and hydration during the tour
  • Guidance
  • A mule to help you carrying bags
  • Accommodation in hammocks

Not included

  • Meals not mentioned in the plan
  • Air or ground transportation