Punta Gallinas – 4 days

Punta Gallinas, a magical place far away from civilization. The orange beaches and the beautiful dunes create an amazing landscape!

Description Punta Gallinas

Punta Gallinas is located in the most northern tip of Colombia and South America. It is an environment with a wonderful natural scenery of plateaus, dunes and rocky cliffs, blue seawater and beautiful bays. The Taroa dunes are of an outstanding beauty. It feels like walking in the desert. Hondita and Honda island are two beautful little islands in the area. Its amazing beaches are pristine and surrounded by mangrove forest. It is a lonely and calming place to relax for a couple of hours.

The sunset in Punta Gallinas is gorgeous! The sunshine reflecting on the orange sand will give you a wonderful sunset.

Punta Gallinas is a magical place for a delightful experience in a calming nature.

Day 1: Manaure and Cabo de Vela

  • The tour starts in Riohacha. From there you are heading to Cabo de la Vela.
  • You will find a lot of beautiful places on the route. For example Uribia. A little town where you will meet and see a lot of Wayuu women with colorful dresses.
  • Visiting the salt mines is a true experience!
  • You will have lunch at Cabo de la Vela. Enjoy the sea view while having your lunch.
  • Today you are going to visit the Pilon Sugar Beach and you are going to enjoy a stunning sunset at the lighthouse
  • You will have dinner in Cabo de la Vela
  • Accommodation: bed or hammock

Day 2: Bahia Honda & Bahia Hondita

  • After an early breakfast you are going to Punta Gallinas.
  • During this trip you will pass the wind farms, airport Bolivar and the Portete Bay. The bay opens to the Caribbean Sea.
  • In Pusheo there will be lunch ready for you!
  • Today you are going to visit the lovely Honda Bay. It is a quiet and unspoiled piece of nature. Enjoy the beach where the water is warmed by the caress of the sun. Go for a swim and enjoy the tranquility.
  • Afterwards you visit Punta Soldado Bay and Hondita Island. Both stunning places to go for a swim and to relax!
  • Overnight: hammocks in Punta Gallinas

Day 3: Punta Gallinas & Dunas Taroa

  • After an early breakfast you are going to visit the beach of Punta Aguja.
  • In the afternoon you will have lunch in Punta Gallinas.
  • After lunch you will pay a visit to the lighthouse.
  • The sunset in the dunes and beach of Tarao will be spectaculair! This will be your wonderful end of the day! Keep your camera ready!
  • Dinner in Punta Gallinas
  • Overnight in hammocks in Punta Gallinas.

Day 4: Uribia & Riohacha

  • Breakfast
  • Today you will head back to Uribia passing by Hondita and Honda Bay.
  • There will be a nice lunch ready for you in Uribia
  • Departure to Riohacha
  • Accommodation at Cabo de la Vela in beds or traditional hammocks
  • Accommodation Punta Gallinas, two nights, in traditional hammocks (typically woven)
  • Indigenous Wayuu guides
  • Transportation type 4×4 for 9 people is available throughout the journey.
  • Boat trip to Bay Hondita
  • Complete traditional meals consisting of fish, goat and chicken)
  • Lunch from day one to lunch on the fourth day
  • Snacks, fruit and plenty of water during the tour
  • Insurance
Not ncluded
  • Souvenirs
  • None programmed activities
Price Punta Gallinas

For this tour the price depends on the number of persons joining the tour. We will always try to put you in a group with more travelers wchich will reduce the costs per person. It is also possible to book a private tour.

From $ 660.000 pesos

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