Adventurous roundtrip – 15 days

The perfect rountrip for adventurous kind of travelers! You will visit all the highlights of Colombia plus a little bit of tension and adrenaline each day!

Welcome in Colombia; a whole lot of adventure in one beautiful roundtrip

Do you love adventure? Are you looking for a holiday with a little bit extra excitement? Then this roundtrip is PERFECT for you! You visit all the beautiful jewels of Colombia, but all activities are simply equipped with a nice excitement & tension. You will enjoy an active, exciting and informative holiday! Fortunately there are still plenty of moments to enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful scenery, friendly people and most of all the South American lovely atmosphere! This roundtrip has everything to make your holiday an unforgettable & memorable one!!


  • Dag 1: Arrival Bogota
  • Dag 2: Bogota Bike Tour
  • Dag 3: Suesca
  • Dag 4: La Chorrera
  • Dag 5: Bucaramanga
  • Dag 6: San Gil
  • Dag 7: Coffee Triangle
  • Dag 8: Salento/ Cocora
  • Dag 10: Gambote/Baru
  • Dag 11: Rosario Island
  • Dag 12: Baru / Cartagena
  • Dag 13: Cartagena / SM
  • Dag 14: Tayrona Park
  • Dag 15: Santa Marta


Day 1 – Arrival in Bogotá

  • You will be picked up at the airport by your bilingual guide and will be brought to your hotel in the capital city of Colombia. In the hotel you can fully enjoy a nice dinner and relaxation time. Your beautiful trip is about to REALLY begin. Bienvenido a Colombia.

Day 2 – Bogotá Bike Tour

  • A beautiful bike tour through Colombia’s capital. That’s what we will do today! Enjoy Bogota by bike, discover the streets of the historic city center “La Candelaria”. This guided tour will give you an idea of the colorful history and culture of this city.
  • Let Bogota amaze you with all its friendly people, the beautiful parks, lovely tropical fruits, cozy little eateries and much more. You have the opportunity to dive into a city that offers something new & something different everyday!
  • First you will visit the historic downtown of Bogotá “La Candelaria” with its magnificent churches, the government palace, the “Plaza Bolivar” and the fruit market of Paloquemao. You will also visit the famous gold museum “Museo del Oro” as well as the museum of Botero where you can see the beautiful works of famous Colombian artists. Search for the Mona Lisa because she is there!
  • Bogota has so much to offer. A walk alone will get you to the best spots, nice bars and cozy eateries. In 2010, Bogotá was selected as a Must See Destination by the newspaper The New York Times.

Day 3 – Rock climbing in Suesca

  • After a delicious breakfast in the hotel you will head to Bogotá’s Savanna. We are going to the little town of Suesca for today’s rock climbing adventure. A little excitement is always a good idea!!
  • About 1 km from the town we can find the natural cliffs “ La Roca de los Aves”. The total lengths of these natural cliffs are approximately 4 km. These rocks provide routes for all levels and are considered the birthplace of rock climbing in Colombia. Enjoy the beautiful nature and views outside of Bogotá. Have fun climbing your own route.
  • In the afternoon you will head back to Bogotá. It was a tough and active day, so take your time to relax.

Day 4 – Hike to “La Chorrera” in a one-day trip from Bogota

  • “La Chorrera” is the highest waterfall of Colombia! Of course we are going to see this beautiful giant. Just one hour drive from the bustling capital city, you will be in the middle of nature searching for this waterfall.
  • During the amazing hike (3-4 hours) you will see beautiful landscapes and flora & fauna. The level is moderate, but still good walking shoes are recommended. Once you get to the waterfall “La Chorrera” (after about 1,5-2 hours) you will take a break. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the tranquility and the beautiful splashing “La Chorrera”.
  • At the entrance of the park you will be served a delicious Colombian lunch surrounded by another waterfall. This tour is really recommended for those who love nature and walking outdoors.

Day 5 – Flight Bogota – Bucaramanga – Transfer to Barichara

  • Today you are leaving Colombia´s hugh capital city and will head towards Bucaramanga. The city is known for its parks and its clean and neat city.
  • Then you will drive on to the picturesque colonial town Barichara. We are going to visit the beautiful National Park of Chicamocha. The MUST-see and do of the park is the Chicamocha Canyon which might be comparable with Grand Canyon in the United States. It is one of the biggest canyons in the world. Take a ride with the longest cable car of South America to behold its impressive landscape. If you want more action?! It is possible, because you can do ziplining, paragliding or rent a buggy as well. So much fun!

Day 6 – Rafting & Caving in San Gil

  • One adventurous trip is on our program today!! You will start the day by exploring the inside of a dark and beautiful cave. Crawl through tight tunnels and let the flashlight lead you the way. Of course your professional guide will accompany you the entire way through darkness. This will be an experience of a life time for sure! Don´t forget to bring spare clothes, because you might get dirty or wet!
  • Afterwards you will experience an adrenaline rush while practicing rafting on one of Colombia’s wildest rivers. Use all your energy, experience the meaning of teamwork with your group and professional guide.
  • In the evening you will return to your hotel. Relax to the max. Hopefully it was an unforgettable, but exhausting day for you. Have a good night rest. Tomorrow will be beautiful as well!

Day 7 – Transfer to Bucaramanga – Flight to Armenia in the Coffee Triangle

  • After a nice and good breakfast we are heading to the beautiful coffee triangle. Your bilingual guide will pick you up at the airport and will bring you to your finca. In this finca you will spend your following nights.
  • From here you will head to a coffee plantation. Instead of discovering on ground level you will get to see it from above practicing Canopy. Canopy is an adventurous sport of sliding down a zip line with professional equipment. If you like the excitement of speed and adrenaline this is one hell of a tour for you! Canopy will give you the best feeling in the world.

Day 8 – Salento and hike in the valley of Cocora

  • Explore the area of Salento today! The area of Salento will impress you with great scenery. The stunning nature is beautiful, so look around and enjoy everything you see. The wax palms, which are among the highest in the world can reach a height up to 70 meters. They will catch your attention for sure!
  • You will be taken there by a typical vehicle: a Jeep Willys. Enjoy a walk in this beautiful environment of Colombian´s national tree. Besides you will visit the small town of Salento, in which you can explore the interesting and ancient architecture.
  • Also enjoy a “traditional meeting with the Colombian drink at Cafe Jesus Martin” in which you can have nice chats about specials coffees, coffee brewing and do some cappuccino and cake tasting.

Day 9 – Adventure at Rancho California – Transfer to Cartagena

  • This morning you will practice a lot of super adventurous activities. For example wall climbing, hanging bridges, zip lining, hanging swings, balance beam, air barriers, Tibetan bridge and Himalaya’s bridge. You will experience the high ropes with a 9 towers circuit and 10 meters of height. Choose your own challenge! Everyone can participate. Decide for yourself how far you want to go in this course of adventure.
  • Then there is a interactive and learning adventure on the program. You will on an ecological horseback riding tour to be in direct contact with nature. It isn’t just a simple ride because you will also learn how to saddle and treat the horses. This 3 hours experience will go to a typical “finca” and continues to the “Barragán River”.
  • After exploring the beautiful Coffee Triangle, you will continue your journey by plane to Cartagena. This city is called the “Pearl of the Caribbean”. And is true!! What a beautiful city! You will enjoy your stay for sure! Cartagena de Indias is an impressive city that holds the secrets of its history in its walls, in the balconies of its buildings and its narrow cobblestone streets. You feel its atmosphere and culture immediately.

Day 10 – Kayak Tour Gambote – Baru

  • Early in the morning you will head from Cartagena to Gambote. Here you will be given your first safety instructions and start your tour. The first stage of kayak is in the Canal del Dique, from Gambote (Bolívar) to the beautiful island of Barú to finally row towards the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias.
  • A typical lunch will be served at Baru Island. Enjoy some leisure time at the beach.
  • This trip is perfect for bird watching, iguanas and the beautiful variety of fauna and flora. Live the experience of leaving behind the river and entering the Caribbean Sea, make a stop on the Barú Island, to finally row towards the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias.

Day 11 – Rosario Islands

  • The Rosario Islands are located approximately 40km (1 hour by boat) south-west of Cartagena. Explore the impressive, beautiful landscapes of Islas Del Rosario with its clear waters and gentle breezes. Islas Del Rosario is a protected national park with beautiful islands where you can enjoy the blue sea and the variety of tropical fish. When you are lucky you will have an encounter with the beautiful dolphins.
  • It’s totally up to you how you will fill your day on Rosario Island. You can do some snorkeling of diving to explore the beautiful underwater world of the Caribbean. Or just relax on one of the Caribbean beaches and think about your holiday experiences in Colombia so far.
  • Today, the entire marine area, including the Islas de Barú and the Islas de San Bernardo are protected areas.

Day 12 – Kayak Tour Baru – Cartagena

  • In the morning you will enjoy a nice breakfast on the beach. Lovely to wake up like this!
  • Afterwards you will depart from Barú, go through the Bahía de Barbacoas and enter the Dam Channel. Finally you will go through Bocachica and finish the expedition in the Manga Bay in Cartagena – the “Pearl of the Caribbean”.

Day 13 – City Tour Cartagena – Transfer to Santa Marta

  • Cartagena: pearl of the Caribbean. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Colombia. You will find culture and history in this beautiful city. In 1984 Cartagena has been declared as a World Culture Heritage by the UNESCO. The city combines an impressive, modern and colonial architecture created by the Spanish.
  • Cartagena has a lot to offer. Cultural festivals, beautiful beaches, fine dining and a lively nightlife.
  • During your city tour you will visit San Felipe de Barajas.
  • The monastery and the church of La Candelaria on the hill de La Popa are outstanding examples of religious and colonial architecture. From here you will enjoy an amazing view
  • After exploring Cartagena , you will continue your journey to Santa Marta. From here you will head on to Tayrona National Park which is about half an hour from Santa Marta. This is a TRUE paradise! Discover more than 100 species of mammals as well as 70 different bat species, 31 reptile species of which 4 are turtles, 15 kinds of amphibious and over 300 different bird species.

Day 14 – Day Hike in Tayrona National Park – Snorkeling

  • Today you are about to enjoy a very nice combination of mountains, jungle and beaches. During this hiking tour you will get to know the beauties of the Tayrona National Park (for example the ruins of terraces, houses, canals, bridges, stairs and architectural buildings).
  • Witness the outstanding civilization „Los Tayronas“. Meet the Tayrona people and behold their primitive way of life.
  • Don’t forget to fully enjoy the crystal clear waters, the white sand beaches and the beautiful coral reefs. If you want, you can go snorkeling to explore the beautiful underwater world of the Caribbean. Or just relax on one of the Caribbean beaches and think about your holiday experiences so far.

Day 15 – Departure from Santa Marta

  • Unfortunately it is time to say goodbye to beautiful Colombia. Time flies when you are having fun!! Hopefully Colombia has enchanted you with its beautiful nature, lovely beaches, lively cities and its friendly people.
  • You will be taken to the airport in Santa Marta to go to Bogotá. From Bogota you will take your plane back home. Cherish all your new impressions, experiences and memories. They will last a lifetime for sure!