Unique Colombia is very experienced in organizing the best tours throughout Colombia. Knowledge of this beautiful South American country, the friendly people and the most unique spots will ensure a trip which will be unique and unforgettable.

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Carribean Coast 8 days

Get to know some of the highlights of Cartagena, Tayrona Park and la Guajira
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What others are saying

Thank you for the wonderful time we had in Colombia. You are totally right about Colombia! It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Rebecca Moore
Hello people from Unique Colombia. My trip in Parque Tayrona was amazing! A perfect combination of adventure, relaxation and culture! I will tell everybody about Unique Colombia!
Colombia, the magical country of South America!!

Colombia has so much to offer! In fact it is the most bio diverse country in the whole world. Unique Colombia gives you the opportunity to discover this country in all its different facets. See, feel & admire! That is what you will do after visiting this amazing country. The Andes mountains, glaciers, plains, the Amazon jungle, the Caribbean and the Pacific. The diversity of Colombia is surprisingly large and beautiful! Let Colombia blow your mind with all its culture, beautiful nature, friendly people, beaches, flora and fauna, but especially the lively South American atmosphere. Colombia has it all! It’s Unique Colombia’s pleasure to provide you with a unique and unforgettable journey through this beautiful country. Your expectations will come true! That is one thing for sure!

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