Colombia in a week – 7 days

Welcome in Colombia; the paradise of South America

See, feel and discover!! This is what you will find in beautiful Colombia. Enjoy sun, sea, beaches, mountains, desert, colonial cities, unspoiled nature, culture, friendly people, rainforest, beautiful cities and lovely music! A perfect combination for the most memorable trip ever!

Itenerary Colombia in a week

  • Day 1: Bogota
  • Day 2: Bogota
  • Day 3: Coffee Triangle
  • Day 4: Salento & Cocora
  • Day 5: Cartagena
  • Day 6: Islas del Rosario
  • Day 7:Cartagena

Day 1 – Arrival Bogota

Arrival in Bogotá. At the airport of “ElDorado” you will be picked up and then transfer to your hotel. This is a hotel in the beautiful historical center of Bogotá. Enjoy the moment and relax!! Your memorable holiday is about to begin


Day 2 – City tour in Bogota

On day 2 we are going on a nice city tour in Bogotá. We explore the historic city center with all its beautiful churches, government buildings, and ‘Plaza Bolivar. Of course we will also take a look at the famous gold museum “Museo del Oro ‘, the Esmeralda Museum and the Botero museum. View the beautiful works of famous Colombian artists. Search for the Mona Lisa because she is there!

After an informative beginning of the day you definitely feel like a bit of adventure. We take the cable car to the top of the Monseratte. The view on top is breathtaking. Take your time and enjoy Bogotá.

Bogota has so much to offer. A walk alone will get you to the best spots, nice bars and cozy eateries


Day 3 – Coffee triangle – experience the world of coffee

Today you will continue your journey to the beautiful coffee triangle. It is called Tuscany of South America. On your way you will see rolling hills full of coffee plants, and in the background peaks of the Los Nevados National Park. Breathtaking again!

Your stay in the coffee area is an authentic experience. You will be dragged into the world of coffee. During this unique tour you will experience this process on a coffee plantation first hand. Learn, smell and taste. Keywords of this beautiful day.

Don’t forget to enjoy the space and tranquility in the beautiful green surroundings.


Day 4 – Salento & Cocora Valley

Today you will go on another tour visiting the colonial town of Salento and Valle del Cocora. The area of Salento will impress you with great scenery. The stunning nature is so beautiful, so look around and enjoy everything you see. The wax palms, which are among the highest in the world can reach a height of up to 70 meters. They will catch your attention for sure!

Besides you will visit the small town of Salento. Exploring this area is wonderful, because you will find a lot of colonial and ancient architecture.

Also enjoy a “traditional meeting with the Colombian drink at Cafe Jesus Martin”


Day 5 – Cartagena

Cartagena is the pearl of the Caribbean. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Colombia. When you are looking for culture and history you have to go to Cartagena. In 1984 Cartagena has been declared as a World Culture Heritage by the UNESCO.

In Cartagena there is one thing certain; you will never get bored! Cartagena offers beautiful beaches, fine dining, a lively nightlife and a significant hotel and tourism infrastructure.

During the city tour you will visit two beautiful monuments. San Felipe de Barajas is a fortress in order to defend the city. You will learn about ancient times, the struggle that has been. Walk in the small corridors and feel the past.

You will also visit the monastery and the church of La Candelaria on the hill de La Popa. On the top you will enjoy an amazing view.

Free time in the evening! There is MORE than enough to do in Cartagena. Explore the city just by foot. ‘Get lost’ in Cartagena… Enjoy strolling through charming, romantic alleys. Little shops everywhere, nice little bars and cozy eateries.

Don’t forget to sit down on the city center walls to enjoy the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen.


Day 6 – Islas del Rosario

Explore the impressive, beautiful landscapes of Islas Del Rosario with its clear waters and gentle breezes. Islas Del Rosario is a protected national park with beautiful islands where you can enjoy the blue sea and the variety of tropical fish. When you are lucky you will have an encounter with the beautiful dolphins. This is a day of relaxation, so enjoy to the fullest!

In the afternoon you will return to Cartagena.



Day 7 – Departure

Time flies when you are having fun! Today is the day to say goodbye to beautiful Colombia. Hopefully these 7 days were everything you hoped for! Head home with a satisfied feeling, a lot of new experiences & impressions!